Essential Reading on why OpenSource software is the only sustainable answer to NHS IT woes

It is rather surprising that it is only this week that I have come across the writings of Eric S. Raymond who’s seminal paper ‘The Cathedral and the Bazaar’ in 1997 was credited with accelerating the open source movement and was an important factor in Netscape’s decision to opensource its browser.

I highly recommend reading the following essays all which can be found here. I’ve provided pdf versions below.

  1. The Cathedral and the Bazaar [pdf]
  2. Homesteading the Noosphere [pdf]
  3. The Magic Cauldron [pdf]

In combination these 3 papers set out the sociological, economical and philosophical arguments for open source.

After reading them, I more convinced than ever that it is in the interest of the NHS to create/ procure opensource software by default. It is the *only* way that the quality, reliability, security, longevity and affordability can be assured.

Most posts to follow….




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